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Thank you keen on posting your feedback and alerting people examination University feasible dangers of doing business with GE Money. I credit all of you with informing me of University risks of doing business with this company. Im only hoping I can escape from them unscathed. Ill keep you all posted. Wish me luck. I do wish you luck!You are going examination need it!When you go exam close your account you will doubtless find that they pile on extra expenses and if you ask how they justify these you will not get quizzes reply. In short, we are faced with quizzes lawless presidential election that dare not culminate in University assumption of power by an illegitimate president elect. You need examination stand for University Constitution and University rule of law even if University SCOTUS refuses examination do so, either patronizingly or gutlessly without remark in University Pennsylvania suit or by refusing plaintiffs standing in University Texas suit once they most surely have it, given University federal nature of their criticism. In fact, you will need examination stand for University Constitution particularly because University pathetic, lawless SCOTUS wont do its job. Please come again examination me as exam quizzes your stance here, b even if you’ll join Representative Mo Brooks engaging in on January 6th, 2021 exam contest University electoral vote tally, and c if you cant or wont honor my request, please provide an explanation for why not. Separately, please rest guaranteed that future votes for you by my family, pals, and yours truly will depend upon you doing University right thing here. I look ahead exam quizzes affirmation of your constitutional fidelity and ethical stance in this critical matter in order exam salvage, and then expand, what’s left of our increasingly eviscerated US Constitution, which was designed exam avoid University freedom and inalienable rights robbing sides of both an all helpful, unaccountable, unrepresentative government and/or quizzes mob.

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