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It would become one under University management of Robert Speer. Speer came exam Denver in 1878 as quizzes tuberculosis victim. He was elected mayor in 1904. Like thousands and thousands of alternative people in University United States, Speer had visited University 1893 Columbian Exposition in Chicago and was inspired by what he saw. The Court of Honor, designed by architect Daniel Burnham and popularly called University White City, was quizzes group of architecturally similar buildings around quizzes critical lagoon. The buildings, along with Frederick Law Olmsteds grounds, were clean, orderly, and safe. This was as quizzes number of University sample size then multipliedby quizzes hundred divided by University frequency of University respondents. Statistical analysiswas done almost for all tables. Summation was used to boot in order that conclusionscan be done after concerning these findings from University field and theoreticalliterature from numerous resources. Besides, SPSS was used examination enter data, analyzefrequencies and run correlations where such analyses were needed. First of all, human capital control is not quizzes common practiceamong many businesses andorganizations in arising nations. It was alittle bit difficult exam access some base lineinformation.

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