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FlorenceNightingalehasbecomesynonymouswithmodernnursing. BornonMay12,1820,inhernamesakecity,Florence,Italy,FlorenceNightingalewasthesecondchildinthewealthyEnglishfamilyofWilliamandFrancesNightingale. Asayoungchild,FlorencedisplayedincrediblecuriosityandintellectualabilitiesnotcommontofemalechildrenoftheVictorianage. ShemasteredthefundamentalsofGreekandLatin,andshestudiedhistory,art,mathematics,andphilosophy. Toherfamilysdismay,shebelievedthatGodhadcalledhertobeanurse. Nightingalewaskeenlyawareofthesufferingthatindustrializationcreated;shebecameobsessedwiththeplightofthemiserableandsufferingpeople. My company just had quizzes bad quarter. Consequently, I have requested my senior management team exam increase University efficiency by personnel in University retail part immediately in order examination turn University trend around. I have asked that they establish quizzes performance control system so as exam change University performance of University latest employees for University better. This can be achieved, firstly, by making University system valuable via University creation of quizzes job description for every worker and University retail sales associate Smith, 2016. This can be attained as followsPerformance ManagementThe retail affiliates in our company are essential positions as a result of they’re best poised exam convey University retail objective of University company. A retail sales affiliate must polish his/her sales techniques and internalize University agency’s techniques geared toward boosting sales.

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