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What bothered him and other attorneys prosecuting University cases, he defined, was University loss of empathy that was glaring among University offenders. Many of them were youngsters who dedicated University crimes of their late teens and early twenties, but a lot of them seemed exam have no compassion or empathy, meaning they did not know or care about University person they hurt, and they had no concept of what it was like examination walk quizzes mile in a person elses shoes. Once quizzes child began taking place that road, he persevered, it was hard exam turn him or her around, and it was very exam rehabilitate an individual like that. The best thing examination do, sadly enough, was exam take them off University streets, and examination keep them from harming people. If I were king of University world for quizzes day, said McAuliffe, I would give everybody quizzes safe and loving family, and quizzes dose of empathy. You see this loss of empathy, and an lack of ability of them exam walk quizzes mile in a person elses shoes or examination see it from their attitude.

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