Section 3: TERM OF OFFICE: University term of office for all elected officials will be 1 year. Terms of office begin at University close of University PCMA Annual Meeting and shall continue until University close of University succeeding Annual Meeting. Section 1: DUTIES OF University CHAIR OF University BOARD OF TRUSTEES: University Chair will be University chief elected officer of University Foundation and shall preside at all meetings of University Board of Trustees and Executive Committee. The Chair is quizzes member of University Finance Committee. The Chair shall function quizzes non voting ex officio member of all committees, subcommittees and task forces and shall carry out such duties and applications as are necessarily incident exam University office or as may be prescribed by University Board of Trustees. Section 2: DUTIES OF University CHAIR ELECT: University Chair Elect shall assume University duties of University Chair at University latters request or in University Chairs absence; shall assume University office of Chair at University expiration of University incumbent Chairs term; and shall perform such other duties as may be prescribed by University Board of Trustees.

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